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    The Omenoni House in the center and its exclusive club

    This ancient palace, that many have heard of but do not know the exact location, is right next to the “La Scala” Theatre. The Omenoni House, built in 1565, is often referred to  as “the House with Atlanteans”. The name derives from eight statues on the facade depicting atlantes created by the famous sculptor Antonio Abbondio.

    Casa Omenoni Милан

    Omenoni’s house is downtown

    The house itself was built by the most famous jeweler and goldsmith of that time, Leone Leoni, and was intended as his residence. Leoni was an art collector and connoisseur. Passionate about antique art and the Renaissance, he gathered a rich collection of paintings and objects in his home. It is known that its collection even contained the “Atlantic Code” of Leonardo da Vinci (now in the Ambrosian Library).
    The owner of the house has been changed several times and since 1928 it has been home to the exclusive Clubino Men’s Club.

    casa OmenoniThe Club was founded in 1901 and designed exclusively for men, Clubino is considered the most exclusive gentlemen’s club in Milan. For more than a hundred years it has been the meeting place of the most hard-working bourgeoisie and aristocracy of Milan and its surroundings: landowners, lawyers, doctors, engineers, textile manufacturers, passionate about business and dispute, gentlemen from the most influential families, including Turati, Pirelli, Sforza, Agnelli, Moratti and Tronchetti Provera.

    However, if you’re thinking of coming here to conduct business negotiations, you’re wrong,” warned President Giovannino Sforza in a welcoming speech to the new members at the beginning of the unrestrained eighties. It is forbidden to enter the club rooms with mobile phones, folders and briefcases.
    And even in the dining room, the participants are not allowed to choose which table to sit at. “We are seated at the moment of arrival. When new guests arrive, the waiters add a small table, so sometimes the junior sits next to the older one”.

    Casa degli Omenoni
    Address: via degli Omenoni 3, 20121 Milano

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