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    The most unusual and quirky bars of Milan

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    The bustling city of Milan offers an endless variety of leisure activities, ready to surprise the most curious and to satisfy those with difficult tastes.
    I have prepared a selection of unusual bars that stand out for their originality.

    The best cool and quirky bars in Milan

    Nottingham Forest for artfully prepared cocktails

    For several years, due to its surprisingly original cocktails, Nottingham Forest Milano has been on the most important lists of the best cocktail bars in the world, including the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best Bars”.

    Nottingham Forest bar
    Nottingham Forest bar

    The Nottingham offers the most advanced expressions of molecular mixing with more than 500 eccentric cocktails recipes. Here every single ingredient is chosen with care and the preparation technique is maniacal. Every time you order a drink from the menu, you never know what you can expect.

    Nottingham Forest bar Milano
    Nottingham Forest bar – Milano

    For example if you order a “Feng Shui Stone” you will literally find river stones at the bottom of the glass, marinated in alcohol and aromas.
    When asking for “The Revenant” you will taste an ultrasonic extraction of oak in vodka served with insect eggs and pine resin.
    The cocktail “La Sferificazione” contains a special molecular liquor that is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

    Nottingham Forest cocktails
    Nottingham Forest bar – cocktails

    The place is quite small, no reservations are taken, just line up along with Milan’s locals, it is worth it!
    Nottingham Forest: Viale Piave 1, Milano

    Crazy Cat Café for a cuddly break

    If you love cats the “Crazy Cat Café” will give you a homely vibe. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch break or an aperitif receiving a dose of sweetness or having a cuddly break.

    Crazy cat Milano
    Crazy cat Café

    The café owners had the idea after visiting Neko café in Japan (neko in Japanese means cat) so they recreated the same atmosphere in Osaka but with the typical lifestyle of Italy.

    Crazy Cat Cafe Milano
    Crazy Cat Café – Milano

    During weekends the place is popular for its brunch with quality products and vegan or vegetarian options and also for its tasty appetizers, delicious coffee and homemade desserts.

    Crazy Cat Caffetteria Milan
    Crazy Cat Caffetteria

    Crazy Cat Cafè: Via Napo Torriani 5, Milano

    Risoelatte for Grandma’s kitchen

    It is a small family-run restaurant in Milan, moreover very good, where the time like stopped fifty years ago.

    Risoelatte Milano
    Risoelatte – Milano

    The food is homemade and tied to the traditions, those dishes unlikely to be found in sophisticated restaurants that depopulated in the city.
    Depending on the season, you can enjoy risotto with saffron and ossobuco, veal with tuna sauce, grilled swordfish, lasagna or the legendary Milanese cutlet.

    Risotto Risoelatte
    Risotto – Risoelatte

    Risoelatte is spread over three levels and the feeling is a bit to enter the someone’s house particularly fond of retro atmospheres.
    Decor is atmospheric, with Formica tables, set up with red and white checked tablecloths, pastel green walls, a pantry full of pots with oil, jars and tea services even the clothes stretched between one floor and another.

    Risoelatte restaurant Milano
    Risoelatte restaurant – Milano

    Need to be experienced personally to understand 😉
    Risoelatte: Via Manfredo Camperio 6, Milano

    Tranvai for an aperitif in the historic tram

    A tram that is also a bar but no longer on the rails, named “the Tranvai in Martesana”.

    Tranvai bar Milano
    Tranvai bar – Milano

    In the park of Martesana the historic tram 1522 of 1928 was transformed into a bar with a large outdoor summer dehors open for aperitif or a light dinner with sandwiches, burgers or cutting boards with various specialties rustic and genuine.

    Tranvai bar – Milano

    Good to know: 75 places are available in the dehors so the reservation is mandatory.
    Tranvai: Via Tirano c/o Naviglio della Martesana Angolo

    Rabbit Hole bar for a tea room inspired by Alice in Wonderland

    Would you ever think to come across the lair of the White Rabbit by walking through the streets of Milan?

    Rabbit hole Milano
    Rabbit hole bar – Milano

    A tea room “the Rabbit Hole”, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, was recently inaugurated. Each room is inspired by the novel by Lewis Carroll: you find that of Cheshire Cat, the Queen of hearts, the Mad Hatter and the Alice’s garden.

    Rabbit hole caffe Milan
    Rabbit hole caffé – Milan

    There is also an outdoor area where you can sip some good pink tea. Here you will find hot chocolate, cakes (cheesecake, red velvet, kit kat, double chocolate, etc.), teas, infusions and cappuccinos. For aperitif time the bar offers drinks and non-alcoholic drinks.

    Rabbit hole caffetteria Milan
    Rabbit hole caffetteria Milan

    The restaurant also organizes private parties: birthdays (children and adults), hen or graduations parties, and tea tastings. You can also order a custom- made cake.

    Rabbit hole bar Milano city
    Rabbit hole – Milano

    Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 20, 20123 – Milano

    Fiuri Milano for a coffee pause among flowers

    The essential coffee pause, the scent and colors of flowers that put you in a good mood plus pleasant background music. All this can be found at “Fiuri” in Isola area.

    Fiuri caffè Milano
    Fiuri caffè – Milano

    It is about a flower shop that houses a café – or viceversa.

    Fiuri bar Milano Isola The atmosphere, colorful and with retro details, is relaxing and homely. Moka coffee, slices of cake and other pastry. Choose a bouquet and enjoy your breakfast 😉

    Fiuri laboratory
    Fiuri – flower shop

    Fiuri Milano – pizza Fidia, Milano

    Beda house bar for the lovers of historic settings

    Certainly among the strangest restaurants in Milan! From the outside it seems a classic English pub but once inside you will be impressed by the large room set up.

    Beda House Milano
    Beda House bar – Milano

    An old mine with wooden beams and rocks but also a room that recalls a gothic church with sculptures, arches and columns. Like on the set of a movie!

    Beda House-interior
    Gothic church at Beda House bar

    Beda House – Via Gioacchino Murat, 2, 20159 Milano MI

    Beda House
    Beda House bar
    Bar Luce for a cinematic look

    Bar Luce, designed by the director Wes Anderson who wanted to recreate a typical cafe of the old Milan, has been one of the most instagrammed places in Milan in the last years. It seems to be on the set of a movie in the fifties!

    Bar Luce Fondazione Prada
    Bar Luce – Milano

    There are furniture in formica, old pinball machines, glass jars full of candy, the ceiling that recalls that of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, pastel colors and lights of course. The bar proposes a transversal offer throughout the day, from breakfast (with sweets from the Marchesi pastry shop) to a quick lunch (with cold cuts, cheeses, pickled oil and canned goods), to an aperitif.

    Bar Luce
    Old pinball machines – Bar Luce

    Bar Luce is located inside Fondazione Prada, a museum/gallery dedicated to the creation of art exhibitions as well as cinema, photography, philosophy, dance and architecture projects.

    Caffetteria Bar Luce
    Caffetteria – Bar Luce

    Bar Luce: L.go Isarco, 2, 20139 Milano MI

    ATMosfera an exclusive dinner on tramlines

    One of the most romantic restaurants in Milan, ATMosfera is the restaurant-tram for a very special evening where in you can savour delicious food and sipping good wine while having different panoramic views.

    Atmosfera tram restaurant
    ATMosfera tram-restaurant

    On board the tram, totally renovated and transformed into a very elegant living room, the dinner will have a totally unique taste. Three menus to choose from: typical Milanese meat, vegetarian or fish menu. With 24 seats, the tram is equipped with everything from wardrobe to bathroom.

    ATMosfera tram restaurant Milano
    ATMosfera tram restaurant Milano

    Booking is essential! Official website


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