Where does the name Cappuccino come from? How to make a good cappuccino

What’s better than a hot foamy cappuccino to start the day? Probably one of the most famous types of coffee around the world… have you ever wondered about its origin?

история названия капучиноThere are several versions about the origin of cappuccino. According to one of the most widespread, it is believed that the cappuccino takes its name from the order of Franciscan Minor friars, named “cappuccini” from their hooded frock that had the same color of the espresso mixed with frothed milk (“cappuccio” means hood in Italian language). Deprived of entertainment, the monks enjoyed spending time over a cup of coffee, adding heated whipped milk, which formed a milk cap on top.

According to another version we owe this drink to the Capuchin monk Marco D’Aviano. Some believe he invented Cappuccino after the Battle of Vienna in 1683. During his stay in Vienna, the monk could not drink such a strong coffee and corrected it with some milk. Kapuziner! – exclaimed the waiter when he saw him drinking a strange brew of milk and coffee. Since then the new drink was nicknamed “Kapuziner”, meaning “cappuccino” in German.


Происхождение капучино


The actual Cappuccino as we use to drink it today appeared in Italy in 1930’s shortly after the modern espresso machine and milk steamer came into usage. Soon it became a very popular drink all around the world.

Interesting to know:

Why cappuccino is not an afternoon drink in Italy?

In Italy cappuccino is considered a breakfast drink o mid-morning accompanied by a croissant or a pastry. Having a cappuccino after lunch or after dinner would be unthinkable for the italians, don’t be surprised to see strange looks when ordering a cappuccino after a busy dinner in Italy. Italians consider that drinking a milk after any meal will mess up your ability to digest the food or moreover causes swelling.


The secret for a perfect cappuccino

It’s quite intesting how the difference between good and bad cappuccino can be tasted by the frothing of the milk. The secret for a perfect cappuccino is the foam, which should come creamy and consistent. To check whether your cappuccino is prepared correctly, just pour a spoon full of sugar on the foam in a cup. If the foam is well whipped, the sugar will stay on the surface. 😉

Пена капучино

According to the Italian National Espresso Institute a quality cappuccino must consist of 25ml of espresso and 100ml of milk whipped with steam.
The proper cappuccino formula is 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 microfoam. Cappuccino is usually made with one double espresso shot.

Капучино в Милане

Act like italians

If you want to feel and act like a real local try to order breakfast at the counter saying: “Cappuccio e brioche per favore“.
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