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    10 ski resorts close to Milan. Where to ski in Italy

    Italian winter resorts attract so many amateurs of winter sports. Just over two-hour drive from Milan you can reach the most beautiful skiing spots for winter holidays. Take a look at the 10 most beautiful ski resorts close to Milan and get inspired for your next destination.

    Ski resorts near Milan:


    Aprica is a great winter getaway located 160 km from Milan. The city is situated between the provinces of Brescia and Sondrio and can be reached in less than 3 hours by car from Milan. Aprica Ski Center is divided into four parts: Campetti, Palabione, Magnolta and Baradello, each of these areas has its own characteristics.
    Aprica offers slopes for all levels of skiers, the resort features 50 kilometres of groomed pistas all well connected by 18 ski lifts. Here you will find the longest super panoramic 6 km lenght route and breathtaking views of Bergamo Alps. In this well equipped village you will find typical restaurants with great mountain food, bars, shops and disco.


    Compared to others ski areas, Aprica is considered to be a cozy and relatively inexpensive winter resort surrounded by picturesque nature. (The price of ski pass is about 35 euros for adults.)
    How to reach Aprica by train:
    You can reach Aprica by train from Milan’s central station to the Trascenda-Aprica Teglio stop and then taking the A41 bus from the Trascenda station to Aprica San Pietro.


    Madesimo is a large resort with 12 lifts that offers skiers an incredible 1398 metres of vertical descent. A popular ski resort located in the province of Sondrio with about 55 km of slopes for every kind of skier, from beginner to expert level (15 blue, 9 red and 3 black tracks.).
    There are also complex slopes with a height of 1000 meters, such as the famous Canalone descent which connects Pizzo-Gropper and Pian di Larici. (The price of ski pass is about 36 euros.) Additionally the resort is also popular for its thermal springs and in the summer the mountains of Valtellina offer numerous outdoor activity options for kihers.


    MadesimoA popular resort can be reached from Milan in two hours by car.
    How to reach Madesino by train:
    take a train from Milan’s Central station to Lecco and then the number 20 bus to Madesimo.

    Chiesa Valmalenco

    A winter resort that has grown up on a gentle hillside around the old church. Chiesa Valmalenco is well known for its ski area of Alpe Palù with over 60 km of slopes for both experienced and begginer skiers. The highlight of this place is the longest ski lift in the worldThe Snow Eagle. Located only 120 km away from the airport of Milan it offers breathtaking views. The mountains of Chiesa Valmalenco are open from December to mid April. (Ski pass cost 41 euros.)



    It takes less than three hours to get from Milan to Chiesa Valmalenco.
    How to reach Chiesa Valmalenco by train:
    take the train from Milan’s central station to Sondrio, and then change to either the A36 or A37 bus that will ride straight up to Chiesa Valmalenco.


    Foppolo is the most famous winter resort in the province of Bergamo, located in the lower part of the Brembana Valley just one hour away from Milan. The resort has 19 slopes suitable for beginners and expert skiers level. The ski resort itself is above 1500 m.
    (Prices for ski pass from 25 to 30 euros.)

    FoppoloIt takes 2 hours and 40 minutes to get from Milan by car.
    How to reach Foppolo by train:
    you can take the train from Milan’s Central station and transfer at Bergamo, proceeding with the B50d bus straight to the town.

    Castione della Presolana

    The Castione della Presolana is part of Bergamo ski area with access to 140 km of downhill skiing, with 71 marked pistes and 44 skil ifts. Presolana is located 50 kilometers from Bergamo and is mainly for intermediate skiers.
    (The daily price of ski pass: 35 euros.)

    PresolanaHow to reach by bus:
    bus number 10 bus from Sesto 1 Maggio railway station to Castione della Presolana,

    Ponte di Legno – Passo del Tonale

    Ponte di Legno- is an ancient mountain village with a rich history popular among Milanese, one of htem ost renowned ski resorts in Trentino and Lombardy. it is the highest commune in the Val Camonica valley in Brescia province. The mountains provide great sport for experienced skiers. Thanks to Presena Glacier it’s possibile to ski here from autumn to spring. In winter there are 4 ski areas: Pnte di Legno, Passo Tonale, Presena Glacier and Temù.

    Passo del Tonale has some of the most spectacular slopes in Northern Italy. Situated on the southern Rhaetian Alps, the region has beautiful landscapes and some of the tallest mountains in that area.
    (The cost of ski pass for adults is about 44 euros per day.)
    How to reach Ponte di Legno by bus/train:
    Ponte di Legno has a direct shuttle service from Milan’s Linate airport. From Milan you can take a train from the Central station to Edolo, and then from there transfer to the BS2 bus that goes directly to the commune.

    Piani di Bobbio:

    Piani di Bobbio is 15 km from the east coast of the famous Lake Como and 70 km from Milan, Probably one of the closest spots to Milan on this list. Thanks to the new tunnel through the mountain on the Lecco-Ballabio road, you can reach your destination in about an hour from Milan. In addition, the expressway from Milan to Piani di Bobbio is free of charge. (Ski pass costs 31 euros for adults.)

    Piani di Bobbio


    A prestigious alpine resort at an altitude of 1200 m, where the highest level of competitions are held. The ski resort in Bormio is famous for its long and interesting slopes. This area boasts the famous Stelvio Piste and offers many opportunities for those who have never skied, as well as those who are experienced in skiing. (The cost of Ski pass in the high season is 37 euros.)


    Bormio is also known for the hot springs that have been tapped to create thermal baths. It is located in the Northeast of the Lombardy region and its Adda River flows down into Lake Como.

    It takes less than three hours to get to Bormio by car from Milan.
    There are a few different ways to get there from Milan. One is the airport shuttle from Milan Linate. Another way is by train from the Milan Centrale to Tirano, and then transfer to a bus to Bormio.


    The resort, located only 95 km from Milan provides 11 lifts and 23 runs.The resort is considered to be the pearl of the Italian Alps. Developed infrastructure and breathetaking views will make your stay unforgettable. There are a variety of pistes to suit all levels of skier ability, from Beginner to Expert . Montecampione has direct access too 30 km of downhill skiing with 20 marked pistes and 11 ski lifts. Prices here are much lower than in the famous luxury resorts. Besides skiing Montecampione offers a lot of other entertainments.


    How to reach Montecampione by bus:
    get the bus from the Milan Central station to Bergamo and then from there switching to the hourly bus that drives up to Montecampione.

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