Roccaverano and the most beautiful villages of Alta Langa

Open your eyes and take a breath, in front of you an endless landscape marked by towers, castles and vineyards stretches as far as the eyes can see. Then add the full-bodied flavor of italian wines, the strong fragrance of the truffel and the intense aroma of the hazelnuts.😋
That’s what awaits you in Langhe, a historic region in Piedmont located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, just an hour and a half from Milan.

Langhe Italy

Since 2014 Langhe is included into the UNESCO World Heritage. This region has always been known and appreciated all over the world for their scenic beauty and for the production of wine. Just to name a few: Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto d’Alba and Barbera d’Alba 🍷

The name Langhe has probably Celtic roots, meaning tongues of land alluding to steep hills and valleys .

Langhe - Piedmont
Langhe – Piedmont

The region is mainly divided into two parts: Bassa Langa (Low Langa) with Barolo and Barbaresco wines and Alta Langa (High Langa) where the hills reach an altitude of 600-900 meters asl. Bassa Langa is perfect for the Nebbiolo grapes whereas Alta Langa is famous for its hazelnuts, cheese and the production of sparkling wines.


Langhe MilanoDavai travelling

💡 Interesting to know:
Nebbiolo tends to ripe later than other varieties of grapes and it is usually harvested in autumn, when vineyards are covered by fog, “nebbia” in Italian, a phenomenon from which Nebbiolo takes its name.

Nebbiolo grape


Langhe has nothing to envy to the famous Tuscany!
Indeed, this territory is full of gems and I am excited to tell you about.

Roccaverano 💗


Roccaverano is the highest and most representative village of Langa Astigiana (800 meters asl) surrounded by an extraordinary scenery of woods, pastures and farmhouses. It is wrapped in a mythical dimension: every house, every portal, every carved or painted image of its churches exudes the history of past centuries.

Roccaverano Italy

The charming central square hosts the beautiful Renaissance Church facade of 1509 designed by one of the most important artists of the Renaissance (Donato Bramante), the rest of the Castle and the high medieval Tower from which you can enjoy a boundless landscape. The trip up is free and I climbed it 😉.

Roccaverano Tower
the medieval Tower at Roccaverano

On that square you can taste all the specialties of Langa at Osteria del Bramante. An unmissable place with top quality homemade food.

Bramante Church
Bramante church

You will feel as warped back in time and with the lights of the evening the place takes on a unique charm.

Osteria del Bramante-carpaccio
dinner at Osteria del Bramante

Fabulous atmosphere, sophisticated dishes all of great quality and very affordable prices. And of course the wine list has a wide choice for all palates.

Dumplings with robiola
Dumplings with robiola
Osteria del Bramante - homemade-pasta
Osteria del Bramante – homemade pasta

I still remember the taste of their fresh tagliatelle prepared in butter with black truffel and the hazelnut cake 😋
Menu: appetizers 8 euro, second course 12 euro, cheeses 10 euro, desserts 4 euro, tasting menu 30-35 euro (highly recommended).

Roccaverano is the village where you can find one of the most appreciated cheese of Italy: Robiola.
The particular flavour and aroma of Robiola di Roccaverano are the result of the high-quality raw milk from which it is produced. No doubt, the robiola you can taste here is one of the best goats cheese I have ever tried.

💡 Interesting to know:
At Osteria del Bramante and at Azienda Agricola Pistarino Daniela you can buy the real homemade cheese.

Robiola di Roccaverano
Homemade robiola

Azienda Agricola Pistarino
Address: Via Tatorba – 14059 SAN GIORGIO SCARAMPI

Nearby Roccaverano:

A Testa in Giù
A beautiful location with panorama under the medieval tower of San Giorgio Scarampi with an interesting menu and local ingredients. All traditional Piedmontese dishes: veal with tuna sauce, seared robiola with caramelized onions, tortelli of ricotta with almonds and lamb, and super tasty warm chocolate cakes.

A testa in giù

Contemporary open-air art Quarelli Park
The vast park, born from the passion for contemporary art and for the territory, hosts sculptures and installations of renowned artists.

Art Quarelli Park
Art Quarelli Park

The medieval village of Mombaldone
Mombaldone is located 156 meters asl in an area characterized by breathtaking views and it is the only village in the Langa Astigiana still surrounded by original walls. It hasn’t changed its structure since its foundation. Its beauty, its rarity and its traditions made Mombaldone a place among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Mombaldone village

In Molbaldone you can live a unique experience at the restaurant l’Aldilà (literally the Afterlife). As soon as you enter you dive into the medieval past, even considering the immense kindness of the owners.

The restaurant l'Aldilà
The restaurant l’Aldilà

Delicious dishes that I never tried before, such as homemade pasta with apricot pesto! The atmosphere is very romantic, only candles to warm and illuminate. Before I had managed to eat by candlelight only at home! I recommend it to everyone…

l'Aldilà dinner

Montechiaro D’Acqui
The high village located on a ridge between the valleys Bormida and Erro enjoys a breathtaking 360° landscape. Just follow the signs for the old Castle.

Montechiaro D'acqui
View from Montechiaro D’Acqui

Denice: the ancient village with an open air museum
Denice has become the village of artists for the widespread presence of ceramic works by 63 contemporary artists permanently exposed along all the streets of the village.

Denice art
Denice open air museum

In Denice I fell in love with the farmhouse at the end of the village, part of the ancient castle.


Around the five towers (Il Giro delle 5 torri)
The tour of the 5 Towers is a long ring route with departure and arrival at Monastero Bormida that winds on the hills of Langa Astigiana passing by the towers of Monastero, San Giorgio Scarampi, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano and Vengore, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Monastero Bormida
Monastero Bormida

This part of Langa still has its original characteristics rich in history, monuments, flora and fauna. In particular you can admire and visit the medieval towers that stand out along the way, motionless witnesses of history.

Torre Vengore
Torre Vengore

💡 Local wine:
You can not go back from Langhe without buying good wine… so at the ancient winery Cavallero Lorenzo Azienda Agricola, managed by the same family since 1556, you can taste their wines and discover a wild and fascinating territory. The wine is sold both in bulk and in bottle. Prices are very affordable!

Cavallero winery
Winery Cavallero Lorenzo Azienda Agricola

Hope you will have a chance to experience all of these 😉