Montevecchia: a trip out of town to “The Old Mountain”

Have you ever woken up on Sunday with the desire to escape from the city?
Sometimes it is not required to go far away to relax from the city hustle. Less than 40 kms away from Milan, in the heart of the Val Curone park, there is place called Montevecchia, literally The Old Mountain. It used to be the holiday resort of the Milanese and Brianza nobility. Now it is so popular that has become a mandatory spot of the “Sunday tourism”, a land of peace sorrounded by nature.

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Montevecchia a trip

As soon as you take the road towards Lecco, leaving Milan, you can not fail to see the Montevecchia hill which dominates the valley. It is a beautiful area zone where you can take a walk in the woods, taste local kitchen and wine in farmhouses, go up the steps of the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Carmelo or admire the pyramids from above. Pyramids in Montevecchia?
Yeahh, keep reading to find out more 🙂

Montevecchia park is a protected natural area, habitat of numerous animal species that live in freedom. More than 26 species of mammals have found their home here.
Mountain view MontevecchiaThe green Montevecchia offers hilly landscapes that immediately conquer the soul of those who arrives there in search of harmony and tranquility. The 360 degree panorama from the top of the hills on surroundings vineyards and the Alps is just breathtaking.

Skyline Montevecchia panorama


What to do in Montevecchia

Certainly the most famous building is the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine del Carmelo. This  church of medieval origins is a privileged point to enjoy an unparalleled panorama. The 180 steps that lead to the highest vantage point of Montevecchia are absolutely worth the effort: once you reach the terrace you will be able to admire a view that embraces the whole of Milan. On clear days you can have fun recognizing the most known of Milan province and the highest buldings.

Let’s take a walk through the old part of the city connected by footpaths and pedestrian streets.
In Largo Agnesi, the central square of the town, there is Villa Agnesi Albertoni where the illustrious mathematician Gaetana Agnesi spent the last years of her life. The eighteenth-century villa is inhabited but it can be visited on certain occasions, even if not all rooms are open to the public. Inside it is richly frescoed and it is completely sorrounded by a splendid Italian garden.


Villa Agnesi
Villa Agnesi

A few meters further on is Villa Vittadini, built on the crest of the hill and protected by a seventeenth-century portal. Behind it there is a path that, among rosemary plants, rows of vines and fruit trees, takes you to the locality of Galeazzino.

Villa Vittadini Montevecchia
Villa Vittadini

The Pyramids of Montevecchia

The pyramids of Montevecchia are located within the area of the Montevecchia park and the Curone torrent. In 2001 the architect Vincenzo Di Gregorio, following a satellite observation, discovered the three pyramids, located about 15 kilometers from Lecco and 40 kilometers from Milan. The Montevecchia pyramids are three hill formations that resemble the egyptian pyramids found in the Giza Plateau. The step pyramids have a maximum inclination of 44° and a height ranging from 40 to 50 meters. There is still no clarity on their formation and the reference period has not yet been established. They would have been made by man and used as sites of astronomical and sacral activities.
Pyramids Montevecchia

According to Di Gregorio’s studies, these pyramids, albeit smaller, are similar to the Egyptian pyramids in their arrangement and astronomical orientation: they are placed in a straight line, with a reference to the order of the central stars of the constellation of Orion, Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka, as happens for the pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Menkaure.

Pyramids Montevecchia

Access to the area is free and to visit them it is advisable to park near the church of Sant’Ambrogio al Monte. The proposed route, of a total length of about 4 km, is a loop and starts at the base of the cypress hill proceeding counterclockwise.
Along its path it will therefore be possible to climb the three pyramids, observe the vineyards and the terraces.
There are three pyramids but only two of these have a name and are clearly visible: the Hill of Cypresses and the Belvedere Cereda.

Montevecchia Pyramids Trekking route
Montevecchia Pyramids Trekking route

Wine and gastronomic itinerary

For its cozy restaurants with local kitchen and regional Montevecchia attracts many food lovers.
Did you know that Montevecchia’s rosemary and sage are officially listed as best products of Lombardy? Thanks to its climat Montevecchia is a perfect place fo aroma herbs.
This territory is also known for its wines, in particular the Pincianell, a classic red wine from Alta Brianza. Another famous product is the furmagett de Muntavegia (or furmagett de faciröla), a typical fresh and aged cheeses, made with cow’s and goat’s milk.

Farmhouse Tenuta ValcuroneValcurone in Montevecchia-park

Tenuta Valcurone is an enchanting farmhouse offering excellent kitchen and wine where you can enjoy Brianza culinary specialties with a new reintepretation. The menu changes seasonally and offers traditional dishes closely linked to the territory. The philosophy is LEQUATTROSTAGIONI (literally FOUR SEASONS), an ambitious project of enhancement and education for good living, good food and good drink. Rosemary ingredient plays a special role, the Chef skilfully uses it both in risottos and desserts.

Among the particularly popular dishes:

  • tender carpaccio meat with parmesan foam
  • risotto with rosemary from Montevecchia, Valcurone sparkling wine and veal jus
  • dessert cake made from polenta and flavored with rosemary with cream zabaione and white chocolate.
  • Worth tasting a coffee served in the traditional old way and prepared with the moka. You will not be offered a coffee from a modern coffee machine, you will be pouring coffee yourself from the moka at the table.

Tenuta Valcurone has also a cellar with excellent quality wines at good prices.

Valcurone WinecellarThe restaurant also has a cozy covered terrace with a superb view. Large portions, reasonable prices and excellent local cuisine. It is absolutely worth it.