Livigno: the little Tibet of Italy

The mountain village of Livigno is located at 1816 meters above sea level, surmounted by the impressive peaks of Rhaetian Alps, in the province of Sondrio next to the Swiss border, and it is a perfect destination both for winter holidays, attracting many ski lovers, and for summer holidays with climbing and hiking in the natural parks all around.

Livigno travelling

Discovering Livigno

There are many ingredients of Livigno’s beauty. First of all the village itself, a cluster of mountain houses and wooden chalets all around a long pedestrian central street. The buildings are all decorated with typical mountain scenes and at every corner you can find shops of artisans and culinary workshops selling typical local products. You have the impression of a very rich village where everything is cared for and well managed.

💡 Important note:  the inhabitants of Livigno have always claimed their autonomy. In the past, during the harshest winters, the village remained completely isolated and there was no way to reach other villages. For this reason, in 1972, was created an extra-customs zone. All prices in Livigno are VAT-free but keep in mind that goods quantity must remain within the limits set by the customs tables.


What to do in Livigno:

Livigno offers an incredible varieties of activities and is able to satisfy the desires of all. Besides skiing and snowboarding, you can run fat bikes, make a nordic walk, take a paragliding flight and many other activities… keep on reading and watch the pics 😉

Fat bike Livigno
Fat bike in Livigno
Skiing in Livigno

You can ski in Livigno from late November until early May, due to its geographical location the skiing season here starts earlier than in most other winter resorts. Livigno is a good choice for intermediate skiers and snowboarders: 115 kilometers of slopes of various levels from 1,800 to 2,900 meters above sea level, with 12 black, 37 red and 29 blue slopes served by state-of-the-art ski lifts which include 6 cable cars, 13 chairlifts and 11 ski lifts. There are two separate ski areas at Livigno, one on either side of the valley, named Carosello and Mottolino.  For cross-country skiing there are 30 km of slopes and for snowboarding there is a dedicated Snow Park.
Ski area in Livigno


Skiing Livigno


In Livigno there are several places that allow you to live this experience! You can rent a snowmobile at the Lake of Livigno, in winter the surface becomes completely icy and you will surf through a vast desert of snow. Very suggestive photos are guaranteed.
A driving licence or permission is not required.

Livigno what to do

In Trepalle (a hamlet of Livigno), right on the Eira pass, a stone’s throw from the Mottolino lifts, there is a small house that organizes various activities and among these you can drive the snowmobile accompanied by guides along the way.

Livigno Snowmobiles

Walk with llamas and alpacas

I could not miss this walk in the company of fluffy alpacas and llamas. The llama is really big and tall while the alpaca is among the most tender and sweet animals I have ever petted.

La tresenda agriturismo LivignoYou find them at Agriturismo La Tresenda, remember to wear suitable footwear for walking on snow 😉

Trekking with lama in Livigno
Trekking with lama in Livigno

Book in advance, the walks are organised mainly in the morning.
Contacts: +39 0342 979 268 –

Husky Village

In Arnoga, not far from Livigno, there is an enchanted place where you can drive a sledge pulled by husky dogs. From the Husky Village you will be following a 5km path through the snow woods and you will feel transported to the lands of Balto.
No worries, a skilled instructor will be always with you.
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Husky village
Husky village

Nothing better than a nice walk with snowshoes to appreciate the snowy landscape! The snowshoes allow you to walk on the snow without sinking but be careful, in some steep stretches can be very tiring! For beginners I suggest to follow a guided track. If you plan to do an excursion on fresh snow away from the slope better rely on an expert mountain guide in order to enjoy the trip without worries and in total safety. You will surely be distracted by the view along the way 😉


On the official website you will find even more offers for outdoor activities.

Gastronomic experience in Livigno

Have you ever heard of Pizzoccheri or sciatt? Livigno’s cuisine is that of the Valtellina tradition. In its recipes can not miss buckwheat, bresaola, mushrooms and game, accompanied by fat and hearty condiments such as butter, cream and cheese. In the past the latter were used to be the main source of energy for the peasants’ diet.
The ancient flavors include particular combinations of blueberries, currants, apples and raisins with the meat of deer and roe deer, nuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts with other meats and typical desserts.
Many restaurants are located on high ground in wooden houses named “Tee”. Originally the Tee of Livigno were huts used in the summer months as stables where you can graze the animals. Over the years they have slowly transformed into small inhabited huts, often being used as summer getaway or farmhouses with kitchen.

Where to eat in Livigno

The offer of restaurants in Livigno is particularly varied and the possibilities are many, it is full of restaurants with good food. But I want to point out two restaurants where the culinary offer and the overall experience is sensational.

La Calcheira

In the middle of the wild nature, inside the forest not so far from the center of Livigno, La Calcheira offers typical dishes of Valtellina cuisine served in a creative way and with great attention to details. The restaurant is located inside an ancient hut surrounded by greenery and has an outdoor terrace to enjoy the lunch with views on surrounding mountains.

Livigno la Calcheira baita
La Calcheira

Absolutely delicious the tris of pasta (three types of fresh pasta in a plate), onion risotto served on a crust of parmesan cheese, traditional sciatt served as an appetizer, the soft deer and a selection of homemade desserts. To get a complete overview I suggest to opt for the tasting menu. Better get hungry because the portions are quite important 😉!
La Calcheira is very popular, don’t forget to book in advance.

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La Tea Da Cip e Ciop

You have to walk uphill in the snow for 20 minutes but once there all the effort is repaid. Here at the top it seems to touch the peaks of the mountains and the view of Livigno at the bottom is incredible. If you are lazy 😉, the restaurant offers a transfer to the hut with a snowmobile or the snow cat for only 5 euros. Hold on tight!
Blueberry risotto, chestnut tagliatelle, deer, polenta, all super tasty desserts.
Book in advance!

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The Dairy of Livigno (La Latteria di Livigno)

In the dairy of Livigno you can taste their homemade ice-cream and the incredible variety of local cheeses. A guided tour will show you the various stages of cheese preparation.

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How to get to Livigno from Milan:

By car: from Milan, Livigno can be reached via Lecco and Bormio, along the Valtellina Road and through the Foscagno Pass. The frequent snowfalls force you to have snow chains on board at least from October to May.

By train and bus: there is no direct connections between Milan and Livigno. At first, you should arrive to Tirano station by train and then take a bus to Bormio where you will find another bus for Livigno.