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    Top places for breakfast in Milan

    The list of pastries in Milan is quite long, let’s find out together the ones that offer the most tasty breakfast 😉

    My selection of top places for Italian breakfast in Milan

    Pasticceria Sissi: fresh croissants all full of cream and chocolate

    Sissi Pasticceria brioche
    Sissi Pasticceria – brioche

    If you have decided to treat yourself in a special way Sissi is the right place for you.
    This hystorical bakery is very famous among locals for its delicious croissants stuffed at the moment with a huge amount of cream, jam and chocolate. Their croissants are a real culinary delicacy. Other specialties include pralineria, bignè, strudel, pastiere and cassatelle plus shortbread with fruits and cannoli filled at the moment.

    Pasticceria Sissi Milan
    Pasticceria Sissi Milan

    The pink color and the bohemean style of the interior makes this bakery even more welcoming. Inside the bar there is a retro garden that offers a lovely escape from the Milanese rush. So much more than just a pastry shop 😉.

    Pasticceria Sissi - garden
    Pasticceria Sissi – garden

    Address: Piazza Risorgimento, 6, 20129 Milano MI
    Take a note: closed on Tuesday

    Gelsomina: a corner of Sicily in Milan

    Pasticceria Gelsomina - brioche
    Pasticceria Gelsomina – brioche

    This bakery brings the quiet atmosphere and scents of Southern Italy to the center of Milan. You’ll be spoiled for choice in Gelsomina!

    Pasticceria Gelsomina-breakfast Milan
    Pasticceria Gelsomina – breakfast in Milan

    The amount of croissants fillings is embarassing (their pistachio and Palermo blackberry jam are on my top list) and the other types of sweets are no less: maritozzi with whipped cream, sfogliatelle, sicilian brioche and cannoli, single serving cakes, italian tarts and almond pastes.

    Pasticceria Gelsomina - maritozzi
    Pasticceria Gelsomina – maritozzi

    Vintage furniture and tableware alternate with succulents plants and Indian fig in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

    Pasticceria Gelsomina Milan
    Pasticceria Gelsomina Milan

    The wrought iron creations and ceramic floor tiles take you in an instant to the historical places of Sicily. Besides the service is attentive and very friendly.

    Address: Via Carlo Tenca 5, 20124 Milano Italia

    Tiemi Pasticceria: a creative touch for a special breakfast

    Tiemi Pasticceria Milan
    Tiemi Pasticceria Milan

    From the moment you walk through the door you can feel the scent of fresh pastries. An interesting detail of the interior is the glass on the floor that separates the ground floor from the pastry laboratory, here you can take a look on how sweets are prepared.

    Pasticceria Tiemi laboratory
    Pasticceria Tiemi – pastry laboratory

    Tieimi is a modern bakery that offers a wide selection of homemade sweets: from special croissants prepared with different recipes, shapes and unique fillings (Madagascar vanilla and Crema al Tiramisù are must-try) to super delicious pastries and cakes (shortcrust cake with strawberry, exotic cake with mango mousse). Everything you find here goes perfectly with your morning cappuccino.

    Tiemi Pasticceria Breakfast
    Breakfast in Tiemi Pasticceria

    Address: Via Emanuele Filiberto, 11, 20149 Milano MI
    Tiemi pastry

    Pavè bakery: the perfect italian breakfast

    Pavè Bakery - breakfast Milan
    Pavè Bakery – breakfast in Milan

    Pavè is one of the most visited breakfast places among locals. It conquered the fame for its delicious and fragrant brioche stuffed with homemade jams. The choice is huge: brioche stuffed with apricot or raspberry jam, with vanilla or hazelnut cream, ginger and gianduia, delicious pain au chocolat, plumcake and brownies, single-portion cakes for gourmands, juices, centrifuges and the whole cafeteria.

    Pavè bakery-Milan
    Pavè bakery – red croissant with raspberry jam

    The space is very nice and informal with a bit retrò atmosphere: grandma’s armchairs and wooden tables occupy the ground floor. Thanks to the open workspace you can osserve how their greatest desserts come to life.

    Pavè Bakery-brioche
    Pavè Bakery-brioche

    Address: Via Felice Casati 27, 20124 Milano Italia

    Sugar: delicious cakes in a setting milanese

    Sugar Pasticceria breakfast Milan
    Sugar Pasticceria – brioche

    This small and artisan pastry can boast of a laboratory of over 300 square feet that bake delicious pastries every morning.

    Sugar Pasticceria brioche
    Sugar Pasticceria – brioche

    The bakery offers a series of creamy or baked cakes, small pastry and 14 different types of brioches. A true paradise for breakfast lovers and also located on a very elegant street.
    On sunny days, enjoy breakfast on the outdoor terrace in the shade of centuries-old trees.

    Sugar pasticceria center Milan
    Sugar pasticceria – breakfast in Milan

    Address: via Vincenzo Monti, 26, 20123 Milano MI

    Have you ever been to one of these places?😉

    Breakfast in Milan MilanoDavai shooting
    Photoshot by Olga Mastronardi

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