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    Where to eat in the center of Milan Nabucco Restaurant on Brera

    Where to eat in the centre of Milan Nabucco Restaurant on Brera. Tasty and on a level of lunch or dinner in Milan, enjoying all the richness of tastes of Italian cuisine in one of the most bohemian areas of Milan? One of the most popular restaurants both among tourists and the Milanese public is the Nabucco restaurant in the historic Brera district.

    ristorante Nabucco MilanIt’s like you’re going to a theater here. Yes, classical music, thematic posters on the walls of the opera of the same name, exquisite interior and cozy atmosphere – everything is made with taste to the smallest detail.

    Nabucco Milan Brera
    Nabucco Milan Brera

    A very romantic place that is worth a visit for everyone in Milan. In such a tourist area, Brera should be careful not to lose out with the institution and not to stumble upon a tourist menu with poor quality food, which will cost a lot of money.

    ресторан в центре МиланаNabucco Restaurant is loved and popular not only among tourists, but also among the locals themselves, so it is a great choice for those who are looking for quality and sophistication. Incredibly tasty Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, worthy of portions and reasonable prices for this level and quality. Anyway, the portions here will really satisfy everyone, and the food just melts in the mouth. Besides, professional service and incredible atmosphere will make your evening unforgettable.

    Nabucco Brera
    Nabucco Brera

    Menu of Nabucco restaurants:

    A menu with a rich variety of both fish and meat dishes, a variety of snacks, homemade pasta and other local delicacies, as well as a worthy selection of wines and desserts. As a sign of greeting, you can enjoy a drink of Spritz, and sbrisolona dessert is sure to be served to your coffee.
    Don’t forget to book a table and have a nice dinner in advance!


    Freshly prepared homemade pasta, freshly baked bread, buffalo mozzarella, truffle carpaccio, tartar, lobster salad, oysters and salmon, salad with octopus,
    risotto with seafood and other options, meat dishes.

    Snacks: 8-15 euroThe first
    courses: 8-15 euroThe second
    courses: 16-25 euroDesserts
    : 10 euro once
    a trip is worth visiting this place, a dinner in this atmospheric restaurant will be remembered by everyone.

    MilanoDavai Ресторан Nabucco

    Nabucco restaurant on Brera:

    Official website
    Reviews on TripAdvisor
    Restaurant menu
    TEL: 390 286 0663Address
    : Via Fiori Chiari, 10, 20121 Milano

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