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    What to visit near Milan Villa Arconati or Milan Versailles

    New Excursion Season 2017 in Villa Arconati or Versailles Milan

    The most elegant Villa Arconati is open again. It’s compared to “Milan Versailles.” Thanks to the work she has done, she is ready to present herself to the public again in all her glory.

    Every Sunday, from April 30 to October 22, 2017, the first Sunday of the year, the first Sunday of the year, the first Sunday of the year, the second Sunday of the year, the second Sunday of the year, the second Sunday of the year, the second Sunday of the year, and the second Sunday of the year, the first Sunday of the year, the first Sunday of the year. The palace has a magnificent palace and a monumental garden full of fountains, greenery, pergolas and sculptures. Visit with a guide without booking in advance at 11.00, 14.30, 16.00 and 17.30 (in case of a large number of people, additional excursions are planned).

    Villa Arconati or Versailles of Milan

    Villa Arkonati, also known as Castellazzo, is one of the historic villas of the Parco delle Groane, located in the countryside of the Castellazo district of Bollate. This national monument is an example of the eighteenth century Lombard Baroque period.
    Built in the 17th and 18th centuries, Villa Arkonati is now a museum and venue for many cultural meetings and events.

    The chief architect was Galeazzo Arconati, a famous collector, whose collections included even the Atlantic Code of Leonardo da Vinci and the Tiberio Statue of Rome. Historic owners of Villa Arkonati have invested heavily in Castellazzo, which has become one of the most prestigious and exquisite villas in Milan.

    What to see in Villa Arconati

    The design of the present villa is the responsibility of Count Giuseppe Antonio Arconati, who started his work in 1742. In 1772 the villa was taken over by the Busca family and in the 20th century by Crivelli. In 1990 the complex was purchased by the company in the field of commercial real estate.

    Originally the villa kept a large number of works of art, books, manuscripts, notes and furniture. However, much of this heritage has gone missing or been sold out.
    But still there are several masterpieces, including a large marble statue of Tiberius, about three meters high, as well as frescoes in the Salone delle feste: the Chariot of the Sun, the Fall of Phaeton and the Allegory of Time. These mythological scenes, framed by magnificent architectural super-naturalism, are the works of the Galliari brothers and the artists of the La Scala Theatre in Milan.

    The giardini alla francese gardens (statues, fountains, ponds, greenhouses, aviaries and sculptures of Pompeii, Hercules and Andromeda), which are rare in terms of their high architectural value, also deserve special attention.

    Villa ArconatiThe Appartamenti da Parata di Villa Arconati is open to the public for the first time. New excursions await you, where you can admire one of the most representative halls of the Sala di Fetonte, decorated with frescoes of Fratelli Galliari and Sala da Ballo with gold moldings of Lombard Baroque.

    The Appartamenti da Parata di Giuseppe Antonio Arconati will be open to the public for the first time, and the Stanza Rosa room will stand out for its elegance and splendor.
    During the tour you can also admire the Busca library: there are about 675 volumes of the nineteenth century catalogued by the Countess of Luisa Sormani Busca.

    Thanks to the participation of some collectors and the municipality of Bollate, it was possible to extract photographs and vintage postcards that show what were the halls of the villas and gardens in the first half of the twentieth century.

    Bollate Villa ArconatiHow to visit Villa Arconati

    Tickets can be bought locally until the tickets run out.
    Book a visit to the villa online:
    For information,
    info@villaarconati.itОфициальный Website
    : Villa ArconatiVia
    Fametta – Castellazzo di
    : full-day entrance to the garden 5 euros (discount ticket 4 euros), entrance + guided tour of the piano nobile 8 euros (discount 7 euros).

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