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    The right way to make a perfect coffee with the Italian Moka pot

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    The famous geyser coffee maker, which is called “Moka” in Italy, invented by the Italian Alfonso Bialetti in 1933, is a true symbol of Italy. It owes its name to the Mokha area in Yemen famous for the goodness of its coffee beans.
    Every Italian family has at least one or two coffee makers of different sizes for different numbers of cups but the classic Moka preferred by Italians is undoubtedly made of steel, with the top cap (that is needed to uncover it) strictly in black plastic, just like the handle.

    Bialetti moka italian coffeeThe principle of making coffee with Moka is not complicated at all, however, in order to give even more flavor it is worth considering a few points.

    Tips for a perfect Moka Coffee

    To get a good coffee, first of all, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the blend and its conservation. It’s very important to choose an airtight container to be kept tightly closed, free from humidity. The most suitable grind of the coffee blend for the moka is the medium or coarse one, on the contrary a fine one would give a rather strong and bitter taste. I advise you to experiment by yourself to find out your ideal balance in taste.

    Coffee Blend mokaThe second key factor in preparing an excellent coffee is water. The water must be free of limescale, above all, nice fresh and the boiler must be filled with precision up to the level of the safety valve, not one millimeter more and not one millimeter less.

    Water for moka coffeeThe filter in which we add the coffee blend must be well filled. Use a teaspoon, form a small mound and do not press down on it. After this operation close the moka tightly and put it on gas leaving it to boil on a medium-low heat.

    Coffee espresso moka

    The next tip concerns the exit of the coffee. As soon as you hear the coffee maker bubbling and you see the first coffee – the most concentrated – start coming out, remember to immediately lift the lid and leave it like that. Otherwise, in fact, the steam condensation will fall back into the jug altering the quality of the coffee.

    Preparing coffee with moka

    Do not wait for the coffee to come out completely, remove the Moka from the heat a few moments before without worrying about the continuous spillage. It is only colored water, as the bulk of the coffee blend has already been used. Leaving the coffee to boil once it is ready is the most common mistake.

    Before serving the coffee please note that it needs to be mixed still in the moka pot with a teaspoon in order to make it as homogeneous as possible and to avoid that the denser part goes in some cups and the more liquid one in others.
    The type of cup for drinking coffee is of great importance too. For example, a very thick porcelain cup keeps the coffee hot for longer than a glass cup which dissipates the heat much faster. So, depending on the temperature at which you like to drink your coffee, choose the right one.

    How to clean the moka: 
    Wash the moka carefully by hand, never in the dishwasher, with hot water or unscented detergents. Carefully clean the upper filter and the gasket, also internally. Pay attention to the filter status, do not forget to change it from time to time. Reassemble the moka only after it has completely dried.

    Italian moka how to prepare coffeeWell, by following all the above tips, I am sure you can safely enjoy a delicious coffee from your Italian moka 😉


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