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    The best bars and restaurants in Milan. Where to eat in Milan

    Have you tried the usual bars or trattorias? Looking for unusual places in Milan that are in great demand among the locals? Then get to know the exotic and original places in Milan, which are among the best bars and restaurants in the city.

    Interesting bars and restaurants in Milan:

    The most unusual cocktails in Nottingham Forest

    Elegant Nottingham Forest Bar, which is one of the 50 best bars in the world according to Magazine Classe London. This is Milan’s most famous bar, where people are ready to stand in line to try its incredible cocktails. Original beverages here are in line with all fashion trends: from unusual service to molecular effects, incredible combinations of ingredients and tastes, it is not without reason that the very vocation of the bartender here sounds like “barman-chef”.

    Unfortunately, the institution is very small, and reservation of tables here is not carried out, so you will have to sacrifice your time to try these fabulous drinks. The cocktail menu is endless and you can spend hours exploring all the ingredients and cocktails, so if you want to try something original, it’s better to trust the bartender’s taste.

    Virtuoso mojitos: from classic to mango, banana, strawberry, basil, ginger, beer, sake, caramel, etc. The atmosphere is very even New York City, unique serving of each cocktail, among which: The Walking Dead, Bitter Explosion, Cocktail in a Bag and other molecular drinks. Try an aperitif at the city’s most famous bar. Soft light and pleasant music create a relaxing atmosphere, and as snacks gourmet dishes. (12-15 euros)

    Reviews on Tripadvisor
    Address: Viale Piave 1, MilapoTel
    . 02 798 311

    Volver Restaurant with original menu and chic cuisine

    I have recently discovered a new restaurant, and I am delighted to add it to my list of favorite places in the city. For its chic cuisine, very pleasant and elegant atmosphere, as well as friendly service strong ten. Lovers of original tastes and notes of Mexican cuisine, restaurant Volver, will surely be to taste.


    I liked the interesting menu, meat lovers will appreciate the offer. This time my choice was not shrimp in large salt, just a delight, here you can try an incredible tiramisu, cooked by a special recipe.

    Volver MilanoBy the way, there’s a lot of portions here, too. As a welcome treat from the restaurant, and to the coffee – mini homemade cookies. Everything is very tasteful, elegant, and background relaxing music. The restaurant, located near the center, deserves a gourmet visit.

    Having booked The Fork festival at a discount, I was more than satisfied. I strongly advise you to take note of the place that follows the fork offers.
    Reviews on Tripadvisor
    Address: Via Principe Eugenio, 8, 20155 Milano MI, Italia
    The body..: +39 02 3599 3336

    Incredible exotic sushi

    Fusion” fans can try temakeria Bomaki CAPOCABANA, located next to Sempione Park and the famous Arco della Pace.
    Here you will find an unusual combination of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine, and for each dish you can choose an exotic cocktail based on fruits. An incredible mix of tastes and ingredients will satisfy every connoisseur of delicious and original dishes.

    Capocabana milan


    Милан суши барыAddress: Via Cesariano 14Tel
    : +39 02 8905 9867Official


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