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    How to make the perfect risotto. The story of the popular Risotto Milanese

    Italy is famous for its unsurpassed recipe of real risotto, so, being in Milan, be sure to taste the traditional Risotto milanese, which is more delicious than here you are unlikely to try somewhere else.
    “Risotto” in Italian means “little rice”. Interestingly, each region of Italy is famous for its own risotto recipe. It is cooked with mushrooms, seafood, meat and vegetables, and even fruit.

    What’s the peculiarity of making a real Milanese risotto?

    When cooking this dish it is important to understand that risotto is not porridge or soup, the main thing here is the correct consistency of the dish. Risotto shouldn’t be too liquid, but it shouldn’t be dry.

    Ризотто по-милански рецепт

    So, to prepare this dish in the best Italian traditions, it is necessary to observe the following points:

    • Of course, the choice of rice itself is important. For real risotto, give preference to rice varieties such as arborio, carnaroli and vialonano. It is these varieties of rice that better preserve the “al dente” state, thanks to the presence of amylose, which gives the elasticity of the rice.Ризотто рецепт In order to obtain the correct consistency of risotto, the risotto rice should not be washed to prevent all starch from coming out of it.
    • The next point is to fry the rice correctly so that it retains its velvety structure and absorbs the delicate butter creamy taste. Usually butter or olive oil is used for frying, but Italian chefs like to experiment, mixing these products in equal proportions.
    • An important point is the choice of the saucepan: the pan must be thick-bottomed and with high edges to ensure that the rice is cooked evenly.

      Risotto Milanese
      Risotto Milanese
    • By the way, when frying onions, bring them only to a transparent color, do not overcook them to a golden state.
    • The broth is recommended to use already salted, however, it is better to underdo it than to overdo it, because the cheese is also salted.
    • When preparing risotto, add alcohol to fill the dish with wine.
    • When adding broth to rice, it should be hot. It is important not to disturb the temperature. The broth is introduced in small portions.

    The story of Risotto Milanese:

    What is the history of the emergence of the most popular and beloved dish risotto milanese? Italians themselves believe that Milan is home to risotto.
    According to one legend, an apprentice working in the Duomo Cathedral, while painting his stained-glass windows, accidentally dropped a coated brush into the risotto cauldron.
    According to another legend, the color of gold was considered a symbol of luxury, so in the Baroque era, in order to give a magnificent dish, added gold, which was later replaced by saffron.

    Where to try risotto in Milan:

    Being in Milan, would you like to try an original and real risotto? Go to Trattoria Casa Fontana 23 Risotti. Coronal dishes of this institution are risotto in the most incredible interpretations.
    Address: Piazza Carbonari 5, 20125 Milan, Italy

    Classic Risotto Milanese recipe (for 4 people):

    • 320 g of rice
      ½ onions –
      1 liter of meat broth –
      60 g of butter –
      50 g of grated parmesan –
      100 ml of white wine –
      1 bag of saffron –

    Preparation Risotto Milanese:

    Fill a saffron in a small cup with warm water and leave for at least 2 hours.

    Put 30g of oil in the saucepan, fry the onion until it is clear, stirring constantly, and the onion should not be browned.

    Add the rice to the onion and fry it, stirring all the time. Every piece of rice should be wrapped in oil.

    Then add white wine to the rice and let the alcohol evaporate over high heat.

    Add the broth into the rice and stir it constantly, making sure that the rice is constantly covered with broth.

    Add saffron and liquid a few minutes before the rice is ready.

    When the rice is ready, add the remaining butter and grated parmesan. Serve right away.
    Enjoy your meal!

    Risotto Milan

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